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A 10-year-old’s wisdom: Make Work More Good

I was working on training materials the other night and asked my son, “If I was standing in front of a bunch of business owners and had to tell them how to make their companies better, and I didn’t know their companies, what should I tell them that would work for everybody?”

He has visited quite a few factories with me, but I was not prepared for the floodgates to open! Without further ado, and unedited, here are the forty-five things that came tumbling out so fast I could hardly get them down. Words to live by!

Anthony’s ideas:

– customer complaints, doing stuff for making them be less

– marketing and how the people talk to the customers, like saying hello nicely and stuff so people don’t think you’re a dumb business

– the quality of like how good the metal is in your things

– the cleanness of your place

– people working hard and being busy

– the safety of your equipment

– the bigness and niceness of a parking lot for visitors

– nice big place to work at and shop to make the product

– if you have grass keep it nice and cut and make flowers not look all wilty and dying and adding ugliness to the business

– good clean windows

– smart managers and good people to work with

– a good boss and having smart people who are respectful and stuff

– have everything up to date, like not having any closed toilets that don’t work

– if something breaks down replace it so old stupid stuff doesn’t pile up everywhere

– let people rent part of your shop so you get a bit of extra money

– have good stocks of stuff like pens and toilet paper and sticky notes and markers so people can work

– good working computer systems that don’t shut down and if they sometimes do just get rid of them and get new ones

– have a good cooling and heating system

– make sure your roof doesn’t leak

– paint the walls if they get marks on it and stuff

– have good sales, good marketing, good talking to people

– good working running equipment in the shop

– maybe you could even put a solar panel to save electricity

– always have those big batteries on the wall so you can keep working if there’s a power cut

– try to save money by not getting too much things you don’t need

– have a good alarm system so nobody can break in

– have lots of safety glasses and earplugs in stock

– have safety devices that can stop fires so if a machine burns out your nice business won’t burn down to the ground

– have those spraying things in the ceiling to put out fires

– have good systems for meetings on a calendar with all the meetings written down so you don’t forget them

– during meetings write down notes in case you could need them and only have the meeting once

– always have a notepad and pen in case you have a meeting nobody was expecting

– listen carefully in case someone gives you good advice for how you could make your job better and make more money

– have a supply of batteries for different things that need batteries

– have a water cooler fountain system in case it’s like a hot day and people get thirsty

– have in the kitchen different kinds of coffee machines for people who get up early and are very sleepy

– have comfortable chairs around the meeting table

– don’t get people little screens, if they need screens give them nice big clear screens

– always have a wire handy for connecting slides from your computer to a screen

– always make the printers be good and working

– have easy loading docks so the poor truck guys don’t have to back up like twenty times to get straight

– good up-to-date running trucks with big trailers to carry lots of stuff

– make lots of new good ideas all the time for invented things that are strong and sell pretty easily

– get people to do courses to learn new stuff and give them nice earphones for doing them

– have a good working intercom system so people hear stuff the first time and don’t have to run all over the place