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Implementing Stable Systems

A business system is a combination of processes and tools built to ensure a very specific desired outcome.

Once implemented, you will be able to say exactly how your business works. This does not imply perfection; it provides a framework for stability and benchmarking in order to enable continuous improvement.

Think of a system as a mechanic’s ratchet. You know where you are and only move in one direction: forwards.

Generally five classes of systems are needed in any business, regardless of structure. Systems allow you to:

Manage Effectively

We must operate rhythmically, profitably and sustainably. The challenge is whether we’re doing this intentionally or just reacting to things, fire-fighting and making judgement calls.

Create Real Value

Our organization thrives only if we do something that is valuable to someone else. The systems are often called Product Development, Design, or Innovation. They also often are not really done at all, if we’re focused on our products and not our customers’ needs. Sales & Marketing both have a lot of value to bring to this.

Catch Attention

This – and recording expressions of interest – is the essence of Marketing. All too often, though, we focus on the delivery of our message without checking if it’s relevant. Worse, we don’t set up something to deliberately record the interest we create. Finally, we overlook the opportunity found in tailoring our product to what the market really wants.


Desire and Action come from well-managed relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process, not software. To be effective, the Sales team benefits from being coached – also following a specific process.

Deliver value

Exchanging Value for our customer’s currency is usually known as “Operations”, “Production”, “Field Service” or even just the “Front of the House” depending on your industry. Improvements here are often where the real money is, because everything depends on how much work you can get out the door in a year.

These aren’t easy but they are simple. The systems that make them work can be simple too.

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