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Getting more from the job you already have

Sometimes it’s so hard… do you actually feel guilty for being unhappy at work? After all, at least you have a job, right? But you just know this place is driving you crazy. Working here… just isn’t working. You could quit… but, oh, job-hunting is painful… isn’t there a way to get more out of the job you have? Well, actually, yes. The secret to loving your work isn’t finding work you love. It’s finding the power inside you to make your work better. Sounds complicated… but the steps are simple, and here they are:

What do you actually want in your work, anyway?

Think about the best times. What made them good? In other words, what’s missing now? Have you ever actually sat down and decided what a great job would look like? I mean, really, if you don’t put a destination into your GPS it won’t take you anywhere, right? You’ve got to figure this out, it’s critical. Once we put it into words, we can get clear about what needs to change and explore new ideas. So, step two is identifying where you really are compared to that “perfect” job.

What’s actually going on, right now?

We have to take a hard look at reality… and then, figure out what causes reality. What’s working and what’s not working, compared to the job you’d love to have? And maybe, just maybe, we play a role in our own destiny. Even just a minor role! We’ll look at strengths and weaknesses you already have, and figure out if any of them have anything to do with where you are. Which brings us to…

Building on strengths

You can’t get different results in your life without changing something you do… but most of us don’t have the confidence to change! The secret is to focus on your strengths, and build on them. Mostly we try to fix our weaknesses… but that’s not where you’ll get the results! Why is this so hard? You need someone to help you generate ideas, and a commitment to…

Become the change

It’s an old saying and it feels impossible (or you wouldn’t have read this far) but it’s time to “Become the change”. The workplace may be stuck in a rut… but what if you did something different, just as an experiment? With your coach’s help, you’ll find some things to try, and you’ll take careful note of the reactions. In most cases, the bad things we expect never happen, which can get us into a state of…

Learned fearlessness

Have you heard of “Learned Helplessness”? It’s what happens when a person has been put down so many times that they just can’t see that it’s worth trying anything new. The cure is to do things, small things, and notice the positive results (or the lack of disasters). When you start getting just a little more confident, I’ll give you an exercise that will blow your mind with a new feeling of power. An exercise that you’ll tell stories about later when people ask why you seem so much happier at work.

Let’s talk

Look, work is hard, but we’ve got it to do. I can help you make it better, and I’m willing to prove it to you without charging you anything. I would love to create a free 30-minute coaching conversation tailored to your situation. Enroll today… it could be the most important step you ever take in your work life.